Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Sunday Thoughts

  • Eric gets home today!  He went to Oklahoma and i couldn't go because i don't have enough PTO built up at work yet.
  • OMG. I'm so excited. The Thunder previews just came on ABC. I love the Thunder. I would seriously give anything to see them play in the playoffs! They have seriously brought OKC together as a community and OKC has supported them and loved them from the very beginning...even when they weren't as good. KD said the fans were the ones that won the last playoff game against the Nuggets. I don't think any other NBA team has a relationship like that with their city. It's pretty cool.
  • I should be at church right now, but i'm on call...kind of. I am going in with one of the other nurses today (if she gets called in) to see how things work when we go in on call.  She is going to call me if she gets called in.  My first call by myself is May 8th (Mothers Day!).  Although we are never completely by ourselves when we are on call...there always has to be two nurses there.  Thank goodness for that! 
  • I can't wait for Memorial Day weekend. We are going to Dallas to see our friends Jimmy and Nicole get married.  I wonder if the fam would want to drive down to Dallas and meet us to hang out for a day?! I just thought about this. I think you guys should! I love that I don't have to work holidays at this job.  Someone is on call on all of the holidays, but no one schedules surgeries on holidays which means we don't have to recover people from surgeries on holidays! I think we only have to be on call for one holiday per year. I'm on call on the 4th of July during the day this year.  That couldn't have worked out better. I will get off around 9 something and still be able to see fireworks!
  • I might have to have knee surgery. I'm pretty sure I will have to actually.  My knee has been hurting for over a year...tried physical therapy...didn't work.  The last week it has been hurting so bad I have been limping.  It makes me mad.  I want to run. I want to train to run another half marathon. PS...My sister ran the OKC Memorial Half Marathon in the freezing cold rain this morning!!!! I am so proud of her.  She raised a lot of money with her training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Anyways, I see Dr Clarke, an orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. A perk of working with surgeons all the time: if you have a problem, they will fit you in their schedule and you don't have to jump through all of the hoops like waiting a month to get an MRI at your primary care doctor and then getting a referral. I get to see him on Tuesday before work.  I pretty much know I'm going to need something done.  There is no way it can hurt this bad for this long without being messed up in some way.  But a cool thing is: I actually got to observe Dr. Clarke in the operating room as a part of my orientation.  How many people can say they have seen their surgeon operate on someone else?  I would be completely comfortable with him operating on my knee. 
  • I want to paint our living room/downstairs area. We have dark brown furniture and light brown walls. There is way too much brown. I am thinking a pale blueish-grey. I have seen it in contrast with dark furniture before and it looks really good. I think they are light enough that they don't look like a baby boy's room. Eric doesn't want me to paint. Here are my two final colors:    
This is Behr "White Sapphire." I think I like this better than the one below. It has a little more grey in it.
This one is Behr "Wave Crest"
  • I am really missing Oklahoma right now, and everything about it.  I am craving a good ole Oklahoma thunder storm, although it makes me sick what all of the tornadoes have done to so many people in the south lately. I miss my family a ton and i miss holidays with them.. I was sad I didn't get to do an Easter egg hunt with them and i am sad i wont be there for Mothers Day.  I haven't been home since Christmas! i miss my doggies.  I miss doggies in general. I wish we could have a sweet little pup I could snuggle with while Eric is working. 
  • The Thunder are behind. COME ON THUNDER!!!!!!! I think I just saw my sweet friend Aimee Benton on TV at the Thunder game!
  • I want to go on a date with my hubby. April sucked for us. I am glad it is May now. I won't be seeing him at work this month because he will be on his trauma rotation at St. Joe's. 
  • We are needing an ottoman for our living room. Does anyone know where I can find one? I have one in my mind but can't find one like it anywhere. It is white and round, fabric, with button tucks.  
This is the closest i can find to what I want. I actually really like this one.

I think that is all of the randomness I have (and you are probably sick of reading it) for right now. 
Happy Sunday everyone.

Mrs. Wise