Sunday, October 30, 2011

California Vacay!

Last week Eric and I got back from a week long trip to California! One of Eric's friends from med school, Jordan, is doing his residency in Ventura, which is right on the beach! It was cool and rainy most of the time but we loved it since it is still pretty hot and sunny here in Phoenix. Another one of Eric's friends, Matt and his girlfriend Erica also came. he is doing his residency in Iowa. It was so much fun to re-unite with everyone.  Timmie, Jordan's wife, showed us the best hospitality, and we just enjoyed our time exploring California! Here are a ton of pictures:

We went to Santa Barbara for a night and this is before we went to the beach!

The beach by Timmie and Jordan's house

The first winery we went to outside of Ventura

Matt and Erica at our wine tasting

Our second wine tasting at the Ojai winery

The view from Meditation Mount

We grabbed some to-go food and ate it on the top of Meditation Mount

Drinking our new wine on the beach one night in Ventura.  The cold ocean air felt so good!

Our resort in Santa barbara...We literally felt like it was ours...we had the 2 pools and 2 hot tubs with an ocean view all to ourselves because it was a little cloudy, but the water was so was amazing!

We could have stayed there forever!

The four of us on the balcony to our room

The Malibu was warm and sunny in Malibu!

The girls!

The winery has a ton of space where they have picnic can bring you own food in and  just hang out in the gorgeous weather! 

Loved the wine shelf and the wine bottle chandelier!

In the middle of our wine tasting: Me, Eric, Erica, Matt, Jordan. 

Love you and than you for a wonderful vacation!!!