Saturday, March 17, 2012


On March 5th, Eric and I celebrated our second anniversary!!! We went to Las Vegas for 4 days and 3 nights, and it was AMAZING! Eric had never been to Vegas, and every time I went to Vegas before this, the trip looked like this: 

This time, the trip was MUCH more relaxing.  We stayed at the Wynn Resort and I highly recommend it! The first night, we went downtown to Fremont Street, and watched the LED light display on the screen that covers 6 blocks of downtown Las Vegas. It was really cool to see the older and more historic parts of the city.

On the second day, it was unexpectedly warm so we headed out to the pool and hung out there for most of the morning.  Then we walked down the strip and did some exploring in the different casinos and hotels.  The Wynn was definitely one of our favorites, but we also loved Mandalay Bay, the Palazzo, the Venetian, the Aria, and the Cosmopolitan.  That night we went out to dinner at an Italian place in the Monte Carlo, then walked around the rest of the strip that we didn't get to see that day.  Our favorite thing that night was going to this lounge at the very top on Mandalay Bay.  Mandalay bay is at the very south end of the strip, so from the lounge we had the BEST view of Las Vegas. It was awesome!! We also got to see the fountains at the Bellagio which was amazing!

On the third day(our actual anniversary), we spent our morning at the pool again and it was so nice and warm again! The pool was also heated so we even got a little swimming in.  I had the best bloody mary ever there. Then we walked to New York, New York, and rode on the roller coaster there. Eric got in trouble because he tried to bring the camera on the roller coaster! Then we ate at this amazing burger bar in Mandalay Bay. I was so excited because they had buffalo burgers (reminds me of Oklahoma)! Those were some pretty amazing burgers. Then we went back to the hotel and did gifts and cards.  Then we went to see The Phantom at the Venetian. It was such a great show and we both LOVED it! The effects were amazing. At one point, a huge chandelier dropped and we thought it was going to land on our heads! This is the last year they will be doing that show there, so we were so glad we go to see it.  Then we went to dinner at an Italian steakhouse in the Pallazo at Del Torro. one little suggestion: GO THERE!!! The service was amazing, and Eric and I both had the best filet we have ever eaten. Ever! Our waiter even gave us free dessert. I couldn't eat it since I gave up dessert for Lent, but Eric said it was fabulous and I believe him! The next day we packed and went to the pool for a little while before we checked out.  

It was so great to just spend uninterrupted time with each other! This year in residency has been so crazy tat we haven't gotten much quality time together.  I felt spoiled by getting so much time with him! It was a much needed and much loved trip.  We are still talking about how much fun we had. Who new Vegas could be so relaxing and romantic?! We will be going back for sure. Here are some pictures!
Our room at the Wynn

In front of our floor to ceiling windows

The Fremont Street light show

Forgive my grossness in this pic. I was still sick.

Eric with the showgirls!

Flower garden at the Wynn

Umbrellas at the Wynn

Fountain at the Wynn

Butterfly in the flower garden at the Pallazo

Habitat at the Flamingo

Love my husband!

The best frozen margarita we have had!

Ready for a fun night

These huge pink crystal chandeliers were everywhere in the Cosmopolitan!

Fountains at the Bellagio

In front of the fountains

At the top of Mandalay Bay

The amazing view!

After some relaxing pool time!

Eric being bar tender! 

It's our anniversary!

The picture on the roller coaster that got us in trouble! :)

Before Phantom

We have tickets!

After our amazing anniversary dinner!

The Wynn fountains again


Happy 2nd Anniversary, Eric! I love you so much more than the day we were married 2 years ago, and I never thought that was possible.  I am so blessed to be your wife!

Mrs. Wise

I'm Back!

I have decided to make a conscious effort to start blogging again! I don't really know why I took such a long break from it.  I really enjoy writing, and I know one day I will love that I wrote (typed) everything down so we can remember how we felt at certain times of our lives. So, I think the perfect "back to blogging" post is going to be about our second anniversary! 

I simply cannot believe it has been two years since Eric and I married one another. That was still the best day of our lives and I love remembering it! I hope those memories never fade and we never forget the pure joy we felt all day.  It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony and an amazing celebration with all of our family and friends under one roof.  That will probably never happen again! Some of my favorite moments from our wedding were:
  • Seeing Eric before the ceremony
  • Getting ready with the best bridesmaids in the world
  • Eric's dad's surprise  rehearsal dinner video speech
  • My dad's rehearsal dinner speech
  • Dickson's rehearsal dinner speech
  • Hayden and Ryan steeling the show as ring bearer and flower girl
  • Communion with Eric
  • Mike's officiating
  • Taking shots with Mom and Donna (shots, shots, shots, sh-sh-shots!)
  • Sara's reception speech that made me cry
  • Taking over the stage and dancing the night away with my bridesmaids and brother :)
  • Sara catching the bouquet and Dad not liking it one bit :)
  • Mom and Sara helping me get in my dress that I could barely sit down in :)
  • Just being SO happy!
The day was seriously perfect. Here are a few of my favorite pictures (of course I love all 800 of them, but that is quite a lot of pictures to put on a blog):
Getting ready!

Our flower girl, Ryan

Not quite married yet!

My best friends!

Goof ball

Wedding party!

My fam

Guys praying before the ceremony...such a great group of guys Eric is friends with!

Love the look on his face when I'm walking down the aisle!

Just precious


Eric's family, with his dad there in spirit (still deployed in Egypt)

Right after the these candid shots!

My sister's maid of honor sweet!

Dancing with my new husband

So much fun!

Party time!

Sara caught the bouquet!

What a perfect day!! And a million thanks to Josh McCullock Photography for capturing every moment!

Mrs. Wise