Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: Days 13 & 14

Day 13

I am thankful for my brother and sister! Siblings are so fun. I am also thankful for Dickson's wife, Jenna, and Sara's boyfriend Paul.  They bring so much joy to their lives and it is so fun all hanging out together! I can't wait for the day that we can all hang out with our little kiddos running around :) So fun! Love you guys!

Day 14

I am thankful I live in a place where it is warm all year round (for now). I definitely miss the cold weather, and the legitimate winters in Oklahoma. Call me crazy, but I LOVE when we get snowed/iced in. It's so fun not having to go anywhere or do anything because the whole city is shut down. You get to hang out with the family/ friends, be in sweat pants all day, and not do anything but bake cookies and watch movies. I know it stresses some people out but I think it's so fun (for a couple of days)! One of my favorite memories is from nursing school is when Tiffany and I were at her apartment studying for nursing school finals. An ice storm hit hard that evening but we didn't know if it would be bad enough that our finals would be canceled.  The power kept going off then coming back on, so we didn't have heat for the whole night, and we were studying by candlelight!  We went to bed with about 5 layers on, and still woke up in the middle of the night freezing! Our finals that day ended up being cancelled so Tiffany's dad picked us up and took us to her house where they had power.  We "studied" there (watched movies, drank yummy coffee) and had so much fun! Here are a couple picture from that ice storm...please excuse us...we were studying and had no reason to look cute :)

Love you Tiff!!!

All that said, I swam for a workout today, and I couldn't help but think how much fun it is that all year round it is warm enough to have a swim workout outside all year round (in a heated pool of course)! Love it.  I am excited to live where it is cooler again but you can't really beat the winters here in Phoenix.

Love love,
Mrs. Wise

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