Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: Days One and Two

The month of November has inspired me to start blogging, REALLY! Everyone on Facebook posting about one thing they are thankful for on each day of November got me thinking about what I am thankful for.  So, for every day of November, I am going to post and write about one thing I am thankful for.  Day one and day two will be in this post. Some will be deep and some will be lighthearted...and they are in no particular order...just what ever I am thinking about at the time. Thanks for reading!

Day One

I am thankful for Eric. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have such a wonderful man as my husband.  I definitely don't deserve someone as good as he.  He is so kind. He works so hard and literally NEVER complains. He is passionate about his work and other people.  He loves The Lord, and he doesn't just say it; it SHOWS in how he acts every day and how he treats others.  He motivates me to be a better person, just by being him.  I wish every girl in the world could have someone that makes them as happy as Eric makes me, and treats me as well as he treats me.  Because I guarantee you there are people who deserve it more than I do. I thank God every day for letting me be his wife.  Eric, I am so thankful for you, and I really do love you more every day!

Day Two

I am thankful for my new knees! I know it has been a little over a year since I had knee surgery, but I am just now starting to get back in to running...finally! Growing up I was horrible at running (Mom- I still remember what you said I looked like when I ran, lol!!!) When I went to swim in college, we ran a lot and I was forced to get better. When I quit swimming, I had to pick another form of exercise and I just starting running...I would run 5 miles about 4 times a week (I realize this is not a lot for people who are good at running, but it was a lot for me). I loved it, and ending up running a half marathon and doing some triathlons...then my knees started hurting and kept getting worse. At their worst, I would be limping at the end of my shift at work.  I found out I had Hoffa's syndrome and had surgery to fix it! Now, I am finally able to run and be so much more active again, and I am so thankful for that! We did a 6.5 mile mud run last weekend and I am even thinking about doing the Tough Mudder in February (10-12 miles)! A huge thanks to Dr. Clarke for fixing my knees and getting me back to my old self :)

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